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Free lifetime services

1, Remove skin tokens, add extra tokens.
2, Add 1-2 additional simple containers.
3, Modify or add extra panes.
4, Replace header image & slogan
5, Add your logos, company name...
6, Add images or debug settings for slider banner module which is used together with our skin.
7, Help to install purchased skin/module on DNN site.
8, Convert purchased skins from us to be compatible with latest DotNetNuke
9, Help to solve application problems of your DNN website that we can do.

Browser Compatibility:

We tested this skin and made sure it can work in widely-used browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Netscape Opera, Safari, The world Browser & Google Chrome. This skin can also be compatible with iphone, ipad and android.

Our Services

We offer a variety of custom DNN skins/modules and development solutions. Our services include but are not limited to these:

    Custom the Purchased DNN Skins from us
    Custom New DNN Skins
    Custom New DNN Modules
    Convert To DNN Skins
    Custom Exclusive DNN Skins
    Custom CataLook Skins
    Website Development
    Outsourcing Services